Fun and Nudity With A Famous Person

Sure, professionally speaking I’m in a lifeboat in the middle of a vast, unforgiving ocean. The ship’s disappeared beneath the waves and I’m not sure they got a message off telling anyone we’re out here. Yes, all that’s true, but at least I got to have a fun, week-long Twitter riff exchange with the author of The Road To Wellville, and World’s EndT.C. Boyle:

My Publisher’s Going Bye-Bye

Obviously, this is an enormous inconvenience for me. I had another book under contract with them and now I have to hawk up a new publisher–a pain I was not looking forward to revisiting. Of course, I’m grateful to those at Booktrope who worked with me and sad it can’t continue. But it can’t, so there it is.

So, how does this affect you, the reader? Well, I, the me, can tell you only this: if you’ve been putting off buying one of my books, they’ll both be going out of print May 31st. It may be some time before I can find a way to get them back into print–either through another publisher or on my own–so I’d suggest getting them while you can.

(Of course, if you live in King County, Washington, I happen to know the King County Library System has some copies of Dismantle the Sun, and I think some copies of Summer of Long Knives were donated to the Seattle Public Library recently, but I haven’t bothered to check.)

Any old way, it kind of sucks to be me right now, and I plan to spend the next 72 hours stewing in my own juices.

As for you, I’ll quote from Ivan Turgenev, “Live on, you who live!”