The State of the Blog Tour, Week 6

So, there was an interview and a review. The review was from Omnimystery News. Here’s an excerpt:

OMN: Suppose The Summer of Long Knives is adapted for television or film, and you’re asked to assist with casting. Whose agents are you calling?
JS: Okay … in this scenario I’ve presumably been paid millions of dollars, so I’ll entertain the fantasy:

Kriminalkommissar Rolf Wundt: Christian Bale
Dr. Klara Wundt: Tilda Swinton
Anika Wagner: Mila Kunis
Kriminaldirektor Helmut Brüning: Pierce Brosnan
Hauptstürmführer Weissengel: Ben Whishaw
Joachim Epp: John Hawkes

Of course, it’s one thing to play fantasy casting director, quite another to see how these actors all fit together as an ensemble.

OMN: Create a Top 5 list for us on any topic.

JS: Top 5 Films Related To The Rise or Fall of the Third Reich:

1. Der Untergang (Downfall);
2. Cabaret;
3. Conspiracy (HBO film);
4. Escape from Sobibor; and
5. Schindler’s List.

And there was one review, courtesy the From the TBR File Blog. The author, it seemed, didn’t enjoy the book.

There won’t be anything until November 2nd. One last review. Gains will be counted, wounds licked, and lives moved on.

You Won’t Be Talking To Me, But It’s An Incredible Simulation

Actually, the interview I did with Omnimysterynews is better than a conversation with me. I don’t digress as much.

You know, come to think of it, I was thinking about my penchant for digression the other day. I was on my way to the grocery store to buy a gallon of milk because we were low on it. It had been raining really hard, but I figured I could make it during a break in the downpour. This was important because I need to install the new windshield wipers I bought on sale at Costco, but the old ones are really stubborn and hard to remove, so I haven’t gotten around to finishing that job yet and I don’t want to face heavy rain with that still an issue. You know how it is. Anyway, I was driving up the 100th street, approaching the badly designed Bellevue Square parking garage–you never want to try to park there after Thanksgiving, let me tell you…

Sorry. Just read the interview.


Plastic Surgery In World Of Warcraft

My friend Lezlie discovered one day that her Orc character had some work done.

The operation is quick and painless and you are eager to see the results.  As you make your way to the mirror, you can already feel an increased ease of movement.  You look down and see that your hands now sport a lovely gradient of color in your skin tone.

Then you arrive at the mirror.

Or at least you thought you did but the person standing there, where the mirror should be is a stranger.  This person stares dumbly back at you.  No doubt mimicking your own perplexed expression.  Who is this person?  Why is she here and what does she want?

Your surprise transforms into horror as you realize that the person before you is yourself.  It’s apparent that the good doctor felt that you could use some additional improvements.

Your own body looks alien to you.  Your nose is new and you suspect that your eyes have been widened and . . . is that collagen in your lips?

As your gaze travels around your body, you see the butt lift that you never asked for, slimmer thighs, and OMFG Blizzard nerfed your tits!

Has this ever happened to you?  It happened to me.  Well, not me exactly.  It happened to my orc hunter.

Read the whole thing.

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