Recapping Week One Of the Book Blog Tour

This week, three blogs reviewed Summer of Long Knives. For those of you keeping score at home, two enjoyed the book, one didn’t. Here are the links:

(Liked it) Monday, September 15th: Nightly Reading

(Disliked it) Wednesday, September 17th: The Year in Books

(Liked it) Thursday, September 18th: Maurice on Books

My thanks to…well…at least two of them.

Next week, we’ve got two more reviews and the Summer of Long Knives Official Cocktail reveal.

Tuesday, September 23rd: Words by Webb

Thursday, September 25th: 5 Minutes for Books

Friday, September 26th: Mystery Playground – Drinks with Reads guest post

Why I Love Reading Reviews of Bad Movies

It has a lot to do with passages like this one, taken from the Village Voice’s Allen Scherstuhl’s review of Altas Shrugged III: Your Rail, My Steel.

One of the workers, the sexy un-impoverished-looking one, catches her eye. It’s John Galt (Kristoffer Polaha), the Harlequin Romance hunk who runs that VIP colony in the Rockies and has also invented a magic energy source that he won’t share with the world because he hates minimum-wage laws. He’s flirted with Dagny before, back in the log-homes and farmers’ markets of his free-market paradise, but only now do they admit their attraction. They sneak off together, bodies a-throb with the excitement of transportation-system management, and the movie is briefly wonderful. After some 30 seconds of close-ups of backs and bras and lips, Atlas Shrugs IIIcuts from the coupling to the funniest thing that it possibly could: one of those lantern-bearing signalmen actually guiding a train into a tunnel.


I need to talk to Casey about Riffing this sucker.